Shepherd Complete Composter

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

The Shepherd Complete Composter is an affordable, easy to use and extremely durable way to compost. Each Complete Composter is equipped with our unique aerator feature, or chimney, to speed the composting process and comes complete with an informative How to Compost brochure. While even small composters are often awkward and unsightly, the Shepherd Complete Composter is easily handled and blends into the backyard environment. The compost bin capacity is generous for most families but bins can be easily joined (no additional hardware or accessories necessary) for added space.

Manufactured from our highly corrosion resistant PVC coated welded wire, the Complete Composter is virtually indestructible and will withstand many years of exposure to the elements.

The Complete Composter compost bins are available in three configurations:

Standard Model

As always, our standard compost bin, a wire mesh bin joined with spirals at each corner with our exclusive aerator for maximum aerobic efficiency, is a great choice. If you are looking for additional features consider these options:

Optional hinged access panel

Compost bin with optional access panel feature: Shepherd Complete Compost bins are available with a hinged access panel near the bottom of the bin. This full-width opening accommodates common garden tools and eliminates the need to lift the finished compost over the top of the bin.

Optional hinged lid

Compost bin with optional lid feature: Constructed of the same 12 gauge mesh as the bin, this optional hinged lid feature helps to retain compost in windy conditions and protects against vermin infestation. The two lid sections open fully to allow unobstructed access to the pile when desired. Closed, the sections may be easily secured together and/or to the bin itself.








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